Hamernick & Associates


Hamernick and Associates is a Human Resources Consultancy that provides both strategic and diagnostic expertise in the management of human resources. We have been conducting assignments across Western Canada and internationally since 2003.

We provide quantitative HR solutions and comprehensive human capital services. Our toolbox is extensive. Our diagnostic services measure the performance of individuals, teams, processes and organizations. Our prescriptive services utilize a holistic approach to provide the path to improved performance.

We utilize patented processes, research-based, validated asssements and coaching tools to provide a fully integrated talent management system.

We work in collaboration with our customers to identify current needs, anticipate future needs and create practical, cost-effective, results-oriented solutions for a wide range of human resources issues. The development of a human capital strategy that aligns with desired business outcomes is a key service that we provide.

The consultancy is organized into four core areas of practice: Human Capital Management, Strategic and Operational HR, HSE Management Systems, and IMPACT Sales Training.

The Services Tab describes the areas of consultancy.